Benefits Education

At PES, we understand the power of education, which is why we developed our Benefits Education Center (BEC). The BEC is staffed with licensed benefit counselors who provide employees with benefit education, enrollment support, employee advocacy, and more. We speak with employees one-on-one to ensure that each one receives the time and attention they need to make the best benefits  decisions possible for themselves and their families.

We have developed multiple education solutions to provide for greater flexibility for our broker and employer partners, including Face-to-Face engagement, our Benefits Education Center (in-house call center), and Self-Enroll Technology. These solutions allow us to create a customized benefits experience for brokers, employers, and their employees, whether working in-office, remote, or in a hybrid role.

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Employee Benefits Education that Informs and Empowers.


Flexible education options including face-to-face, telephonic and various virtual options all to make the enrollment process easier for all company types.


Employees with greater benefit awareness, make smarter enrollment decisions.


Benefits appreciation plays an integral role in employee productivity and job satisfaction.


of employees do not open or read benefits materials.


of employees do not understand their benefits materials.


of employees do not perceive the value in their benefits.