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PES Benefits Navigator

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Communication and convenience are the two most critical factor for the employee benefits experience. That’s why we united those two powerful concepts and developed the all-new Benefit Navigator app. Everything employee benefits, all at your fingertips.

Single Point Solution

Customize the benefits experience for your clients and their employees using our powerful benefits app. By providing one centralized location for users to access all of their benefits information, the PES Benefits Navigator app helps to drive utilization and engagement, and creates a seamless user experience for employees.

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Tell your benefits story using a truly customizable employee benefits technology solution.
  • Complete Whitelabeling
  • Custom Tiles
  • Lead Generation Tile
  • Integrated Rx Savings Tools
  • Custom Push Notifications
  • Connect Directly to Members
  • Integrated Benefits Wallet
  • Additional Custom Features
Fully Customizable
  • Co-brand with custom logos, text, and colors.
  • Create unlimited benefits tiles and landing pages connecting employees directly with the information they need.
  • Display important details about benefits, ensuring employees stay in-the-know.
  • Create Call-to-Action buttons, seamlessly connecting employees to carrier support and member portals.
  • Customize using our simple admin portal, or have our team help!
Features and Benefits
  • Shared Messaging Center helps drive employee engagement through custom push notifications and the Messages Hub.
  • Integrated Digital Benefit Wallet allows for convenient storage of insurance ID cards and pre-loading of cards for employees.
Optional Free Savings Tools
  • Compare prices and receive discounts on prescriptions of up to 85% using the integrated Rx Savings Tools.
  • Save 20-50% on most medical bills by using the built-in Medical Bill Review Tool.