Benefits Technology

PES provides our clients with industry-leading custom benefits technology solutions, utilizing many user-friendly and robust platforms to streamline and simplify the benefits experience. Being platform agnostic, our team is able to build on many different platforms, including, but not limited to, Employee Navigator, PlanSource, bswift and Ease.

We understand the value of implementing simple, effective technology solutions to improve the employee benefits experience. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a growing, expert in-house Data & Technology team that ensures the accuracy, efficacy, and simplicity of every benefits administration platform build.

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Custom Benefits Technology Solutions


Our technology solutions simplify the benefits enrollment process by offering an intuitive benefits shopping and enrollment experience with mobile-friendly options.


Our team thoroughly tests every technology build, providing assurance to our clients that their employees will be able to easily and effectively enroll in their benefits online 24/7 and have uninterrupted access to important benefits information.


Our team compiles reports which include elections, premium numbers, deductions and more, giving our clients insight into the success of their enrollment and ensuring carriers have the correct elections.


Providing billing reconciliation allows our team to ensure that employers do not overpay for their employee benefit plans and that carriers do not pay claims on employees that aren’t covered or are no longer employed.

Providing Flexibility With Self-Enroll Technology

We provide our broker and employer partners with the option to elect self-enroll technology, utilizing many user-friendly and robust platforms.

With self-enroll technology, employees have the freedom and flexibility to enroll in their benefits from anywhere, anytime, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Paired with our Benefits Education Center, self-enroll technology rounds out the perfect solution to keep employees informed and engaged throughout the entire benefits experience.

Work With Us

Our Benefits Technology Partners

PES partners with industry leading benefits technology solutions that streamline and simplify the employee benefits experience for our broker and employer partners, and their employees.

PES is platform agnostic, meaning we have the ability to work with many benefits technology providers, including but not limited to: PlanSource, EASE, Employee Navigator, and bswift.