Maybe we do have super powers. Or maybe that’s just how we roll. 

With the right combination of knowledge, experience and attitude, nRollTech makes Technology easy. We provide technology expertise and unparalleled customer service to power platforms, products, and our partners. It’s our secret identity finally revealed. We call it Technology Harmonization.


We make benefit technology sing.

Technology Harmonization is all about enabling enrollment platforms and insurance solutions to hit on every note. We help insurance brokers, carriers, and employers implement and utilize the latest technology to reduce cost and make the enrollment process simple. We have a passion for solving customer problems and offer unique solutions to help your team avoid common mistakes along the way.

Case Build

We support most enrollment platforms and can help set up and configure your enrollment solutions quickly.


We oversee the implementation process from start to finish to ensure a smooth rollout and execution of your technology platforms.

EDI/Data Feeds

Our Technology experts will make it easy to setup data files including payroll, COBRA, 834 and enrollment feeds.


We help our partners grow and scale through affordable technology solutions.

Seasoned Pros

We offer unique, affordable solutions to organizations from Fortune 500 to independent brokers.

ACA Reporting

nRollTech offers stand alone and integrated ACA solutions to meet all your ACA needs.

Is all of this making sense so far? 

Basically, technology should be easy. 

Oh, and people should be nice.


Customer service isn’t hard. There, we said it. And we believe it.

We’re passionate about technology, and for us, it comes easy.  Our goal is to free you up so you can concentrate on the things you’re passionate about too. We work hard to take a stressful situation and make it better. We’re a people driven business where work ethic matters and commitment is non-negotiable. We thrive on solving problems that other can’t or won’t even try. Its just who we are and what we believe.


Platforms and Partners

Don’t see the logo you need?  No worries, we work on most.  Drop us a note and we’ll figure it out together.

Now you’re rolling.  The first step is easy. Let’s talk.

8375 Dix Ellis Trail, Suite 101, Jacksonville, FL 32256


Main Office: 1-800-815-2323