Benefits Education

At PES, our focus is on the employee experience. Our team of benefit counselors works one-on-one with employees to educate and empower them to make informed benefit decisions, ensuring that each employee is enrolled in the coverage that best suits their unique situation.

We have developed multiple enrollment solutions to provide for greater flexibility for our broker and employer partners, including Face-to-Face Enrollments, our Benefits Education Center (in-house call center), and Self-Enroll Technology. These solutions allow us to create a customized enrollment solution for benefits brokers, employers, and their employees, whether working in-office, remote, or in a hybrid role.

Work With Us
Enrollment Planning and Implementation

Laying a solid foundation for your next open enrollment is key to its success. At PES, we have developed a planning and implementation timeline which allows us to set expectations with our clients, manage important dates, and create an enrollment strategy that will keep employees engaged, informed and empowered throughout the process.